The Advantages of a LinkedIn Profile

In today’s Big Brother age and with social media everywhere, you no doubt have a Facebook page already, a Twitter, an Instagram and probably a Snapchat account too so what is the point in adding yet another platform to your never-ending social media subscriptions?
LinkedIn isn’t personal, it’s predominantly business. Although there are certain elements you can use for personal use, LinkedIn will help you in your career and aid network building. Here are just a few of the advantages we think you’ll gain from having a LinkedIn profile.

Get found and get a job

Whether you’re looking for a change in career or simply a change in role, LinkedIn opens up the communication and accessibility between you and your future employers. Not only is there the functionality to search for a job, employers can use the search to essentially headhunt you and find out whether or not you will be an asset to their company. With this comes responsibility. Be aware of what LinkedIn is designed for. Its designed for professional use and networking. Its not a wise idea to post photos of the office Christmas party or you at an unflattering angle. Those posts are not going to shout HIRE ME to your future employer and business contacts. Be professional. Keep it simple, view LinkedIn as your CV that the world can see because essentially, that’s what it is.

Create and nurture leads and contacts

Once you’ve started building your professional network, hone in on it. Create a professional relationship with your contacts. Become approachable and get involved in discussions and topics in relevant groups. This is a great podium for your opinion and values to stand out and be heard – show yourself to be an expert in your field. By nurturing your leads and contacts, it paves the way for a fantastic two-way working relationship which you both can benefit from.

Wealth of Content and Knowledge

LinkedIn is a worldwide platform, and although your contacts will no doubt be in a reasonable proximity to your location, you potentially could have contacts which are worldwide. All of whom will be posting useful information about your common work-related interests. Ultimately helping you further and grow your career, even if you’re not looking for a change in jobs you can gleam some useful information to help you in your current role.

Shared interests/support groups

The contact you add and accept will most likely be a group of like-minded people. If there is something which is stumping you, start a discussion in a group and ask the question. Chances are someone will know the answer and your mystery will be solved. Similarly, you may have the answer to someone elses burning question, share that knowledge.

Brand promotion

If you are representing a bigger brand, or if your brand is simply yourself, LinkedIn is a perfect platform to showcase that brand. You have the power to truly promote what it is your selling or offering, and for it to be viewed on a mass scale. With this, comes responsibility. A trustworthy attitude, an honest nature, and a hard-working mentality are all important things, and things that you no doubt would like to convey. LinkedIn provides the perfect platform to become known. Use it to the best of your ability.
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