Business Support

How often do you say “I’m too busy”?  Think about that for a minute…

Want to know why you’re not getting more clients and bigger opportunities?   ‘You’re too busy’


If that’s you – you need to make a decision.  Ask yourself this

> Where is my biggest headache?

> What one area of stuff do I need to delegate to free up my time?


We can support your business growth with our knowledge. It could be competitor analysis, research, tender sourcing or PQQ completion services.

We can mentor staff and help you find new sales leads.

We can help you forecast and work with you on your business plan.

We can even write your policy, procedure and operations manuals.


Whether you need an hour to talk things through or you need a few days of our time to really make a dent – we’re here to help you. We would be more than happy to discuss what ValueAdd can do for you and create a package to meet your needs, so please do get in touch.


If you’ve never delegated anything before, pick one item and start now. Or better still talk to me and I’ll help you work out a plan.

In this day and age there are numerous opportunities to delegate. Start now. Saying “I’ve got no employees” is an excuse.

We can help you with:

  • Support in identifying and meeting goals and deadlines
  • Primary and secondary research of competitors and new services
  • Creation, distribution and analytics of customer and client surveys
  • Compiling and analysing statistics
  • Creation and streamlining of policies and procedures
  • Preparation of information, training materials and presentations
  • Mentoring
  • Market analysis
  • Setting up systems to assist with successful tendering including job search, PQQ preparation, ITT management and submission to portals
Client case study

The issue

Our client’s company was forced to rapidly re-structure, which resulted in an office closure. It was unexpected, so there were absolutely no strategic plans in place to deal with the situation.

How we helped

We used our consulting experience to create an innovative business plan to manage the integration of staff and the changes in workflow. This meant newly-recruited staff had immediate knowledge of the company’s work, blueprint and future plans; they found it easier to fit in.

The result

It proved to be a smooth, successful change for the whole team, and efficiency was greatly improved. Existing team members regained confidence in the company and felt part of a thriving business once more.

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Ready to add value to your business?

We’d love to discuss what we can do to support your business get in touch for a chat and to see if a bespoke ValueAdd package will work for you.