Improving your small business

Improving your small business image

Congratulations! You have taken the leap and created your own business doing what you love. What’s next?
The next step is to leap even further and improve your small business image and create a buzz and more brand awareness. We’ve gathered some useful tips over the years on how to improve your small business image to help support and grow your business further so thought we’d share some with you.

Step 1: Create a fantastic traffic attracting website

Regardless of your industry or service, most consumers will look for a company website if they intend on using a service or spending their hard earned cash. If your website isn’t current, fresh and interactive you will lose the attention of your potential customer. Similarly, if your website is basic and boring, it’s unlikely that your company will be a memorable brand (for the right reasons). Invest some money in some creative web design and really grab the attention of your audience. Once you have their attention, they are likely to return withbusiness and will in turn likely recommend your company to others (assuming youdelivera quality product/service, which I’m sure you will).

Step 2: Create an eye-catching Ad Campaign

Ad campaigns are crucial glimpses into your company. Potential customers won’t spend hours studying the details of your advert. They will glimpse for a matter of seconds, and those seconds need to make an impact. Create an advert which will stand out from the crowd and grab attention – more importantly, make them remember you.

Step 3: Generate a target market and create a buzz

Social media is everywhere, it’s one of the biggest and best tools to utilise, particularly for small businesses. If your customers are excited about your product or service, there is every chance they will post, tweet, share, or check in all of which attract more attention to your business. Voila, free advertising at the highest level.

Step 4: Get personal with your clients

Invite them to take part in a free trial, a marketing event, a launch event or a participation class. Get them involved with your products/services from the start, gain their feedback, make them feel valued, and as an added bonus, you get some genuine constructive feedback that you can use to improve your services and products. Win:win all round.

Step 5: Listen

Perhaps the most important step of all. Listen to everyone, listen to your customers, your fans, your critics, your staff.
All information is good information, and whether it be good or bad news, it is information that you are able to work on and develop further. To use the information in the correct way will benefit your business and help you go from strength to strength.
You might not implement all of these but there should be some golden nuggets in there, it’s knowing how to spot them.
For more handy hints and tips, keep an eye on our weekly blog.