Getting the most from your Virtual Assistant ValueAdd

So, you’ve taken the step and hired a Virtual Assistant, but are you really feeling the benefit?


Here are some useful tips on how to work successfully with a virtual assistant and maximise your business potential.

Now, first things are first. Delegation and relinquishing responsibility is key. There is zero point in hiring a virtual assistant to aid your business and relieve the stress if you are reluctant to relinquish work, share information or trust anyone other than yourself, now – is there?


Baby steps


Here at ValueAdd Business Solutions we know how daunting this can be (we’ve been there). We understand you’ve put your life into your business and the thought of discussing the ins and outs of your business with your virtual assistant is daunting. BUT…it is their job to take some of the stress and responsibility away from you. They’ve probably done it hundreds of times before and without support from others will you really be able to grow and nurture your business?

Start by taking baby steps – list the tasks which you feel are the most time-consuming, but least strategically focused. Essentially, the tasks you see as mundane and are eating up your time just to keep the business ticking over – but not actually nurturing your business. These are the tasks which should be first in line to be delegated to your VA.

Next to be delegated are the tasks which you are muddling through but not actually a specialist in. This could be bookkeeping, social media, e-newsletters, client surveys, etc. If these are tasks which you are trying to keep on top of, but find cumbersome or a total faff then these should be next on your target list. By delegating these responsibilities to your VA, you are giving your business a new lease of life. Your VA will be probably a specialist in these fields meaning they are able to be more time efficient, and know exactly what needs to be done. And more importantly, this will maximise the potential for your business.

Another task which gets taken off your shoulders and gives you the freedom to concentrate on what you do best in your business. Let’s face it: if you wanted to do the admin you’d have set up as a VA yourself.



Communication is Key


Setting up reporting and operating procedures is key to being able to trust and work well with your VA.

From the start, it is a wise idea to discuss which software you use, and which software they use and integrate them as much as possible. Arrange a catch up, whether it’s a call, email or face to face meeting at a set time which suits your business needs to catch up and review past and future tasks. Communication is key and will be the most important tool you share with your VA.

Once you are confident you both are working well together and the ad-hoc duties are being fully fulfilled, you then have the scope to start entrusting more duties to make your life easier. Booking travel arrangements for a business trip, arranging accommodation, diary management the possibilities are endless and they are all to benefit you and your business.

So, why not take the step today and hire a Virtual Assistant to help with your business needs. We’re certain you will never look back. Get in touch today to talk through your options.

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