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So, you’re swamped at work. Your to-do list is piling up, and you’ve not left your desk in goodness knows how long. Surely there must be an answer to managing this workload more effectively.


Of course, there is DELEGATION!


Delegation is one of those key things in making a business run successfully but is so difficult to actually implement. The prospect of handing over the responsibility of important tasks is mind-boggling and daunting especially when you know how well you can do it! But what actually are the benefits of delegation? And why is it so important for not only your business but your team?


First things First…


Well for starters efficiency. Delegation improves efficiency, as it allows work to be transferred to another colleague who has more time and perhaps more skills, and away from you who has less time. By freeing up more of your time, you can focus on what you do best strategizing and business development.

Delegation also plays an important role in the development of your team. As head of the team, you have skills and attributes which others can learn from. The most effective way of doing this is by coaching them and delegating tasks to them. This encourages team development and staff morale as it shows you trust your team to do more important tasks.

Delegation also opens up the opportunity for reflection. You can take one overhead view of the tasks that have been completed, those that are currently pending and what lies ahead. Giving you a real sense of the bigger picture. This benefits the company as you are able to gain an understanding of where the business is at, and what the next steps may be. Which ultimately could lead to better decisions being made for the company overall.

It paves the way for discussion and an exchange of ideas. Whilst liaising with your colleague, it may create an opportunity to suggest an alternative way of doing something. Something which you may not have thought of before. Opening up the scope for business improvements and new innovations.



Next steps…


Now that we’ve highlighted a few of the pros associated with delegation, it’s fair to say the importance of delegation is vital to a business and its progression. Why not take the step today to get some of that overloaded work off your desk?

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