Networking Event

I was at my usual networking event when I got chatting to someone new, as you do. Eventually I asked what her job was and the reply was “Well, (and she paused), I’m a Financial Planner but I’m never sure whether to tell people I’m a Financial Advisor”.
My reply? What is the difference?
When she explained I soon realised the reason for the confusion – she wasn’t answering the “what do you do” question in the best way. We talked about it for a bit an finally revised her answer to “I help people with financial planning for their future”.
Doesn’t sound so dry now does it? Also, it keeps the conversation open and gives others the opportunity to ask the all important – “how do you do that” question opening the door for her to explain in more detail.
Hmmm….time to take some of my own medicine and revise my networking introduction.