How are you feeling right now?

If you’re feeling tired or drained most of the time, helpless, full of self-doubt, procrastinating or feeling overwhelmed you may be on the way to burning out.

In business, you’re constantly pushed to do more, work harder and for longer. But you don’t have to suffer from burnout in order to be an effective business person, there is another way.

We all know taking time for ourselves can make us more productive at work and generally happier in life. But switching off from work isn’t easy. Decision fatigue is real and it’s not going away any time soon. Any entrepreneur or business owner will testify that taking days off can feel like the ultimate luxury and off-limits, but if you want your body and mind to stay healthy, you really do need to power down.


  • Declutter your desk, a clear space does clear your mind.
  • Schedule your out of office for evenings and weekends.
  • Schedule in regular digital detox time, schedule a no notifications time.
  • Take a walk and keep your phone in your bag or pocket.
  • Enjoy a hobby guilt free.
  • Listen to music – in fact have dance around the kitchen or office (one of my guilty pleasures).
  • Create boundaries to protect your time and mental health.
  • Spend time with friends and family.
  • Read a good book – it doesn’t need to be a business book.
  • Write down everything you’re worrying about – but don’t try to find answers.
  • Download a mindfulness app and start a daily breathing practice.

Not all of these work for everyone but pick one or two and give it a try. I’ll bet you find even small steps will help you find balance by switching off when necessary.

If work-guilt is preventing you from taking time out and you’re just feeling overwhelmed with the level of tasks to do in your business then book a discovery call, it’s an honest, non-judgemental conversation, I promise it’s not a sleezy sales call.