How to improve your Business Facebook

Venturing out into the big business world? In that case brand recognition is everything and Facebook is one fast and easy way of getting your foot in the business worlds door.
In today’s technologically advanced world a social media presence is essential and making the most of your small businesses Facebook Page is key in helping to achieve brand recognition fast.
Here are a few handy tips and tricks to help you maximise your online Facebook presence for your small business.

Do not create a personal profile to represent your business

By creating a business profile, you gain access to a multitude of different tools and insights that do not come with a personal page. This helps you maximise on the information provided following activity on your page. You can gain insights to see which posts were the most successful, which gained interaction from customers. You can have the facility to get a description of your target audience. There are also handy tools to create paid promotional opportunities which are a great way of attracting new business.

Avoid allocating Page roles to unnecessary people

If they are not publishing content in relation to your business or to aid your business from your business page don’t assign a page role to them. Too often there are publishing nightmares whereby employees accidentally post personal content to business page. This can appear as unprofessional and start to chip away at and tarnish that brand you’ve worked so hard to build up.

Add an eye-catching and relevant profile picture

As much as we are sure that people would love to see your latest personal photo, this is not relevant or appropriate for your business page. Use your company logo, or something bright and catchy to grab peoples attention whilst still in keeping with your brand.

Choose an engaging cover photo

Your cover photo takes up most of the graphic space on your profile, make sure it is a good quality and high-resolution image that will be engaging to your client base.

Post photos and videos to your Timeline

Visual content is the cornerstone of having a social media and online presence. People do not want to scroll through screeds and screeds of text. People buy with their eyes, and if you post lots of lovely visual content they will become more invested in your services.

Complete the About section

Although there is no longer a preview of this on the main screen, it is one of the first places that people will go when they are trying to find out more about your business. Don’t clutter it with unnecessary information but endorse all of the good points and achievements you have made.

Add a call to action button

These buttons are great ways to make it easy for your customers to engage directly with you. Whether it is a “Book Now”, “Sign up”, “Watch video” or even “Send Message” button these are quick ways your customers can engage with you easily and will make you aware that they are showing an interest in what you have to offer.

Determine the ideal timing and frequency for your posts

There is obviously little point in posting at 10pm at night – who is going to seriously looking at that time of night? By the time morning comes your posts will be pushed way down the timelines of your targeted audience. Do some research into the age range and gender of your target audience; are they likely to be at work during the day and browsing early evening? If so, target your posts at the optimum time to grab their attention.

Monitor and respond to comments on your page

If customers are taking the time to interact with your page, have the courtesy to respond. Your brand will become more accessible to people and your customer satisfaction levels will go through the roof.

Monitor the success of your Facebook activity

Generate more of the posts which achieved the highest followings and attention and learn from the ones that didn’t.
In following these 10 simple steps, your small business Facebook page will be sure to reap rewards.