It’s actually easier than you’d imagine.


The first thing is to make sure you chat to at least two or three services providers before making your decision. Not every bookkeeper or accountant is the same and not everyone will suit your business.

Here’s what would happen if you speak to us…

We’ll initially have a chat – we like to call it a discovery call. We’ll ask some questions about you and your business and you can ask us about our business too. Usually, you get a vibe about whether you think things will work out personality-wise, as that’s a big factor as well.


We’ll also send a full proposal for you to review. It details some more information about us as a team, and you can see our T&Cs upfront so you know exactly what you’d be signing up for.


If you do decide we’re the people you want to work with, then all you have to do is electronically sign the proposal and we’ll be notified and kickstart our onboarding process.


There are a few formalities to bear in mind. You’ll be sent a couple of forms to complete and you’ll be asked to provide some ID (address and photo). These are used for standard checks that all financial services providers are required to do by law.


We always suggest that you treat your outgoing bookkeeper/accountant the way you’d like to be treated. As a courtesy, pick up the phone and let them know you’re moving on. They’ll appreciate it. But if you’re nervous or worried about it, then a polite email will keep things professional and ensure an easy handover.


For our bookkeeping services, it’s usually a case of setting a date to ensure everything is tied up and reconciled to by the previous bookkeeper. This provides a clear cut-off point between the previous bookkeeper and ourselves. We can liaise with the previous bookkeeper to make the move pain-free.


For accounting services, we will send a letter to the outgoing accountant to request the transfer of information. Once received, we notify HMRC that we’ll be acting on your behalf and they will send you a code to pass to us to allow us to act on your behalf.


Once we’re set up, we’ll be in regular communication with you to get the ball rolling and beyond!


Easy Peasy.


If you would like to book a discovery call to discuss business support or give you a quote for our accounting or bookkeeping services, please click here to book a suitable time.