Connecting through Social Media

If you think Social Media is just for catching up on the latest gossip with your friends you’re wrong. Many businesses have had loads of success with Social Media, in fact some businesses put their success down to Social Media alone and with a honed strategy and a little effort you can reap results.

Think about it

If you’re going to venture into the world of Social Media then think carefully and make sure you have a strategy in place from the outset, prioritise your objectives and you’ll get the best out of it.
You often hear people say “Social Media is free advertising/marketing” but is it? Think about the time and effort that goes into managing a good Social Media account – that time IS money. There is a level of commitment in managing a Social Media profile (or indeed several profiles for some businesses) and there is nothing worse than looking for a company and realising they haven’t updated their profiles for several weeks or months. What message is that sending out? I know I begin to wonder if they are still in business, particularly for smaller companies.

First Steps

Before signing up for an account be prepared to spend some time researching the different platforms. If your target market is teenagers then perhaps most effort should be directed to Facebook and Instagram, on the other hand if your ideal customer is a business professional then LinkedIn is probably best for you.
A lot of what happens on Social Media is trial and error. Review your competition regularly and see how they are using Social Media successfully and where it’s not quite worked for them. By doing this you can avoid costly mistakes.

Take care

With the increased use of applications on mobile phone it can be all to easy to dip in and out of your account. So bear on mind your profiles are very public and anything you say may be viewed by a potentially large audience, so whilst Social Media can be a fabulous way to promote your brand be careful not to log in when angry or worse still, when under the influence of alcohol.
Just remember, Social Media is a long-term commitment, not a short-term solution. If you’d like some advice on how to get started then please contact us on 0141 442 0042 or email for more info.