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For most, it is the dominant players – Facebook and Twitter – which are utilised to help grow and promote their businesses. However, there are several other platforms, lurking in the shadows which despite being overlooked are jam packed with features specifically designed to help you and your business excel. If you’re in business, LinkedIn might just be the way forward.
LinkedIn is one of these underused tools which, if utilised correctly, can vastly increase your businesses reach and network. It is more than likely that you signed up years ago and, apart from the odd email which pops up in your inbox now and then, you have completely forgotten about it.
Today is the day to start using it and utilising its features – before you know it your business will be at the centre of a network of like-minded individuals and potential clients!
So what can LinkedIn do for you and your business? Here are just a few hints:

Get noticed 

Remember, people use the Internet to search! LinkedIn provides an ideal place, out-with your own website, to sell yourself and your business and ultimately, get found! Put yourself in the shoes of your customer/employer and use key terms which are likely to interest them and drive your page up the search rankings!

Find others

Flip the coin and use LinkedIn to find your clients and grow your network! Do you typically do business with start-up entrepreneurs in the technology industry? Then use the advanced search features to find them! Enter keywords like “entrepreneur” into the search bar and add filters which specify the technology industry – you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find and how quickly you can grow your professional network!

Business profiles

Make a page specifically for your business using the business pages feature! Attract followers and use it alongside Facebook and Twitter to keep them regularly updated on what your business is doing and keep your business in the forefront of their mind. And for goodness sake, ‘Follow” your own business.

Get recommended

LinkedIn allows other users in your network to ‘recommend’ your business and ‘endorse’ your own skills. There has been quite a lot of talk surrounding the endorsements feature, some love it whilst some hate it but with people relying more and more on peer reviews to make decisions, this is an important area to start taking advantage of.
This is just the tip of the iceberg! Get online, log in regularly and use LinkedIn to your advantage.
Why not start by viewing my profile here and if you want to connect I’d be delighted to network further.
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For users with an affinity with Scotland, you might also want to try out which uses social media in a similar way to LinkedIn to enrich Scotland’s own business potential.
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