With Social Media it’s much easier nowadays to network and secure clients (oooh, I sound old).

Although social media was around when I first opened for business in 2011 it wasn’t used to the same extent it is now. Good old-fashioned face-to-face networking events were the main way to tell people about your business and attract clients. Totally overwhelmed by it all I walked out of my first networking event without speaking to a single person. I was persuaded to return the following week and realised I actually loved networking once I got over my initial fear and found my stride.

Ultimately, it’s all about relationship building and not sales

I like to talk (and listen). I’m interested in people, and what they have to say. So I attended religiously every week and build relationships with other attendees, many of whom I now class as friends.

I often tell the story about meeting my first paying client (yes, I offered freebies at the start). My first client was a male that I met at a female only event. You might be wondering why he was there; he was the invited speaker. I’m delighted to say it was the start of a fabulous journey together and he became one of my best salesmen, often recommending my services to others.

He also taught me about sales and selling and building rapport.

I started to view networking in a whole new light. Especially useful was the telling off he gave me when he realised I was giving too many of my secrets away during initial calls with prospects. “Spilling my candy in the lobby” he called it. If you tell them how to do it they do it themselves. It was an important lesson.

The best part is he’s still a client 11 years on and someone I consider a friend too.

Today I use social media in the same way I network, I converse and listen to people’s stories, I connect people who I think can help one another and offer my assistance. For me, word of mouth is still the best way to gain clients, and that can be extended through social media. Building your community online and remembering that it’s called “social” media for a reason.

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