Well 2012, what a year that was.

VABS experienced amazing growth in the business to the point that we’ve added to our team with 3 new associates. This also ensures our clients get the very best of our combined knowledge. We also reached the finals of the Association of Scottish Businesswomen “Young Business of the Year” and although we didn’t win we had a great night out with those who have supported us on our journey. But most of all we’ve had the pleasure of working with some outstanding businesses this year, and long may it continue.
There have also been the personal milestones that make us who we are; from our early mistakes, the difficult decisions we have to make from time to time, and finally that dreadful feeling when your eldest child starts high school – now I know I’m getting old.
Next year is shaping up to be another triumphant year. They say the first 18 months in any business are the most critical; it’s widely publicised that over 50% can fail in this period. Today (10th January 2013) VABS is 2 years old. Although we’re super excited to get to this stage there really was never any doubt it would happen. We all love what we do and this goes a long way to success, we all work incredibly hard and never bore of the variety of projects we get involved in. That’s the magic behind what we do.
All that is left is for us to thank everyone who has contributed to our success and roll on the terrible twos.