Do you ever feel like your productivity has taken a nosedive? 

We’ve all been there, you’re hyped up for a productive day and with one thing or another your day goes by and you’ve no idea where the time went.

We’ve been thinking about this recently and sharing our best ideas through the team to make sure we’ve the most productive we can be. To help you out we’ve pulled together our top 5 ideas of what can be done to help you keep on track. 

Social Media Scrolling

Over the past year, as business hasn’t been quite its usual self and more people work from home, the tendency to scroll social has added to a rise in screen time. Just because you’re on social media doesn’t mean you’re being productive; it often leads to hours flying past and no particular gains being made. 

Our tip is to set a time each week to create social media posts and stick to them. Keep personal social media accounts scrolling outside of work times. 

Notification Noise

The constant ping of notifications divides your time and concentration, it then takes time to get back into your flow. Knock notifications off and have set times to check your emails and notifications. 

Bad Sleep Health

Making sure you get a good night’s sleep is just as important to running a productive business as having organised paperwork. If you’re tired you can’t concentrate, you’re slower to complete tasks, and can’t focus. Create good sleep habits such as going to bed at a reasonable time, keeping the room temperature cool and your phone should be out of reach (yes, we know that last one is going to challenge you).

Not Keeping A To-do List

If you’re flitting from job to job and are often completing tasks late or past a deadline you could just be missing out on a simple to-do list. It can be online or in a notebook, but keeping a set to-do list or daily planner will keep you on task. Personally, I’ve been using a notes app on my iPad. As the iPad is portable it’s just like carrying a notebook anyway. The main thing is to learn to prioritise your task list. 

Trying To Multi Task

The root of all evil. People often talk about multitasking as a skill but most likely you are splitting your focus on too many tasks, and processing none of them at your best quality. A great workaround is to outsource tasks you’re not proficient in or don’t enjoy. The cost of a freelancer can soon be recouped through the extra time you gain, leaving you to fully concentrate on the tasks you do enjoy; one at a time. Plus, think of how it’ll help your mental health no longer stressing about tasks you hate but need to do.

These 5 ideas have helped us out so much and given us the opportunity to focus where it’s needed most. If you’ve got more ideas on what helps your productivity we’d love to know more.

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