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How To Make The Most of Your LinkedIn Account: Part 1 – Building Your Profile

Linked What?

If you haven’t heard of LinkedIn, then you have really been missing out. In a nutshell LinkedIn is a business networking website, similar to Facebook but for business connections. It is also one of the most valuable online tools for boosting your business; hence it is worth spending the time to ensure you get the most of your LinkedIn account. More and more individuals and businesses are using LinkedIn to reach out to potential customers, employees, employers and suppliers everyday, so if you don’t have an account then it should become a high priority to get one.

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Collaboration – the secret of small business success

When you are running your own business, whether as a sole trader, freelancer or a SME, it is easy to think of yourself and your business as only being about your specific skill set or core offering. For example, it is easy for marketers to think only about marketing, recruitment consultants to think only about getting clients and filling roles and developers to only think about code. The reality of the situation is that there is much more to your business, even when it is just you, than your core product offering.

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