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Networking: Is It Really A Scary Word?

Open networking opportunity.

My first Business Banter event…

Since graduating university in June, I never thought at the age of 22 I would have started attending networking events already. I was lucky enough to be able to study something at university which I have a passion for, fashion and marketing . We live in a world where graduate jobs are like gold dust for most industries, and it is often a case of who you know, not what you know. Networking events are now an essential part of looking for job opportunities and getting your business known. It allows people to build a bank of contacts, many from completely different industries.

So, whats it all about?

Recently I have started an internship with Michelle Smith, Managing Director of Value Add Business Solutions and she kindly offered to take me along to my very first Business Banter event. This was held on the 2nd of October, in Martha’s in St Vincent Street. I approached Martha’s in the morning, admittedly nervous because I had no idea who was going to be inside! It is always nerve racking going into a room full of people, and not really knowing anyone adds to this.
As I don’t have a business or a business idea, I was not sure how I would be able to engage with others.
I am happy to say that everyone could not have been any friendlier, and genuinely interested in my role with Michelle and what I had been studying at university. It was great to tell people what I was doing at Value Add Business Solutions, and where I hoped to end up within the next couple of years. Often you tell stories like these to family members who ask this question generically, however it was great to tell others who were interested in hearing and asking questions about what kind of job I would like in the future.

What did I get out of it?

It is always exciting to hear about other people’s businesses and what their day to day life is like, people from businesses such as HR to web design, most people had different business concepts. I thoroughly enjoyed how well everyone in the room got on with each other, and the ‘banter’ between them. It is joy to say that my first Business Banter event was a success.
This morning I have just returned from my second Business Banter event, which was equally as successful as the first one. I think the concept of Business Banter is fantastic, it allows people from businesses all over Glasgow to communicate and in turn, to promote their businesses. I hope the Business Banter continues for a long time.

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