• Are your books in a mess?

  • Have you tried to do the bookkeeping yourself but it’s not gone as well as you’d hoped?

  • Have you engaged with a less experienced bookkeeper and things are not quite working out?

All is not lost…we’re here to help take the pain away.

How did I get in this mess?

When you start your business you often think it makes sense to do the bookkeeping yourself. You will save money. But will you? If it’s all new to you we often find things categorised to the wrong place and often the setup is completely wrong. Or you’re doing things in a very long winded way. Commonly you accept the default codes offered by the software and later down the line realise they don’t quite fit for your business.

It’s highly unlikely you went into business to be a bookkeeper. In fact, after the novelty of doing your own books has worn of it can often be a burden chasing those receipts and matching those bank transactions.

You’re busy running your business and the bookkeeping is often the last thing on your mind.

Then it piles up and a deadline looms that means you are forced to do it but its rushed, and because you’ve not been trained there are transactions you don’t know what to do with. You make an educated guess…but is that the right thing to do, are you causing issues further down the line that will need unpicking by your accountant?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re probably giving yourself grief and costing yourself money in the long run.

Don’t worry – We can help

All is not lost. The past is in the past and we’re here to help you get control over the figures again. Yes, it might be overwhelming but we’ve done this lots of times before so that experience helps us work through the backlog in an organised and efficient way.

  • We’ll start by reviewing your current file and the processes you have in place.
  • We’ll document the areas where there are issues and provide you with details.
  • We’ll work with you to help prioritise the areas that are urgent and important to ensure no deadlines are missed.
  • This is where we then get into the nitty gritty. We get right into the data an unpick/redo anything that isn’t quite right. (It’s an iterative process so there may be several passes at the data to get to a good place.)
  • Finally, we’ll help you put systems and processes in place to prevent the data getting in a mess again.

Get in touch to have an initial chat to discuss where you are and how we can help.