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Venturefest2017: Was it worth leaving the office for?

Venturefest Scotland is a national business innovation summit designed to help high-growth SMEs and ambitious early-stage companies to grow through innovation. The day starts well with coffee (all days really need to start with coffee) but I did manage to bypass the pastries this time. Kicking off sharp at 9am with the plenary I was pleasantly surprised to see a 50:50 male/female panel. Today is going to be a good day.SE announced their new start2scale support program targeting fast-growing start-ups and early-stage companies as well as existing companies with ambitious plans to scale.

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The Social Takeover – The Invasion of Social Media.

It’s no secret that Social Media is everywhere. It’s there when you first wake up, when you flicking through your e-mails to get a head start on the day ahead, it’s on your lunch break when you Instagram what you’re about to devour, it’s on your commute home from work when you tweet how stressful your day has been and then it’s even there at night when you Facebook the world about how you survived “hump day” and then search through Pinterest for ideas of how you are going to make your spare room look “Retro-chic” on a budget… although everyone knows you’re still going to buy that tin of Magnolia.

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