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January 2012 Blog Posts

Testimonial: Creation Resources

I’ve worked with Michelle for several years. In her role as Company Administrator for Creation Resources, she’s been required to work on complex schedules with widely varying timescales that include local and international projects. Hiring a full-time Administrator just doesn’t fit in with our needs so Michelle’s work here has been perfect – she’s proved to be very flexible and extremely professional. I highly recommend using Value Added Business Solutions for cost-effective, efficient services.

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Testimonial: Sandler Training

Since working with Michelle, not only have many of my admin headaches gone away but I have the unexpected added benefit of both money arriving promptly in my account and me not having to have those awkward conversations with clients who are in no hurry to pay. I know my books and invoicing are in way safer hands than they ever were with me too. This has freed up both time and thinking space for me to further grow my business. A great decision. I would highly recommend her work.

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time on your hands

To charge or not to charge

I’ve been reading a few interesting blogs/discussions recently about virtual workers and their pricing tactics.  One that doesn’t sit very comfortably with me at all relates to perceived “lost” time; in particular travel time.  Technology advancement means more and more people are working from a home office – some even set up a career this way,  me included.  So for some of these people working from a clients office is sometimes referred to as a premium service, but why? If your saying you can work equally well from a remote office what value are you adding to make the service premium?

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